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Meet the McCormick Team

The McCormick team has a proven and trusted reputation in the Tri-State area. With over 100 years of combined professional experience the McCormick Team can assist you in all aspects of real estate investment. Whether your are a first time buyer, selling your home, commercial investing or looking for a lead agency in your development needs, John and Olivia McCormick have demonstrated their commitment to their profession and their community for the past 30 years. The McCormick team provides the professional services you need when investing in Real Estate.


Bonnie Randklev – Real Estate Consultant

North Fork Sales Office: 928-754-2661
Cell: 928-201-7311
Email: bonnierandklev@yahoo.com

Bonnie Randklev joined the McCormick Team in 2005. Bonnie is a Real Estate Consultant for house lot packages, land and investment properties, and works with both buyers and sellers. Prior to joining the team, Bonnie worked for Clayton Homes. Customer satisfaction is first and foremost with Bonnie as demonstrated by her customer testimonials.


Olivia McCormick – CFO, Sales Associate

Office: 928-758-4500
Cell: 928-716-4143
Email: jomreal@frontiernet.net

Olivia Brusso McCormick has been in the real estate industry since 1993. With a background in economic development and having served on the city council of Bullhead City for over 5 years, Olivia has a pulse on the area and its growth. In addition to services provided to her customers, Olivia is the Chief Financial Officer for McCormick Realty and Professional Center. Client services include general real estate, development sales and commercial sales and leasing of McCormick Professional Center.


Randy Brusso, GRI – Real Estate Sales and Commercial Leasing

Office: 928-758-4500
Cell: 928-727-0912
Email: rebrusso@hotmail.com

Randy Brusso grew up in Bullhead City and lived in the area since 1980. Randy has been selling general real estate for the McCormick Team since 2003. Randy has keen sense of the entire Mohave Valley area and its� ever changing real estate trends. Randy specializes in representing both buyers and sellers from the beginning of the transaction to the end and beyond. Randy heads the commercial management side of the McCormick Team, managing various McCormick properties as well as assisting potential tenants at other locations in the negotiation of favorable leases.


John McCormick – DBA

Phone: 928-716-1143
Email: jomreal_jm@ frontiernet.net

John McCormick has been in the real estate industry since 1980. As managing partner for McCormick Properties, John has overseen the development of over 22 residential developments in Mohave County. John is experienced in the planning, permitting and implantation of residential and commercial developments. As broker for McCormick Realty, John oversees the McCormick Team of professionals. John McCormick has a proven and trusted reputation in the Tri-State area.


Ralph Bare

Phone: 928-763-3323
Email: rwb_northfork@hotmail.com

Ralph Bare has been an active realtor in Bullhead City since 1967. After ten years selling subdivision lots for a local developer, Ralph opened his own real estate office and actively participated in promoting residential and commercial properties. With his many years of experience and deep understanding of the local community, Ralph chose to dedicate his efforts to the McCormick Team in 2012. He remains actively involved in local sales and listings.