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Real Estate Trivia


We’ve added these real estate trivia questions for your enjoyment. And you might learn something new in the process! Have fun…

Q1. Which estate has two pools one on the east side for the morning sun and one on the west for afternoon enjoyment?

The former estate of John Lennon in Palm Beach has two pools plus guest quarters.

Q2. What holds the title as the tallest reinforced concrete building in the U.S.?

311 South Wacker Drive in Chicago was completed in 1990 and is 65 stories high.

Q3. What are three of the best indicators of real estate market trends?

Existing home sales, new home building and mortgage interest rates.

Q4. What are the characteristics of classic Queen Anne architecture?

Queen Anne homes are the most elaborate, romantic and feminine of all Victorian Homes.

Q5. What kind of home construction is considered to be the safest in seismic areas?

Straw-bale homes in seismic zones have proven resilient enough to withstand the shock of earthquakes.

Q6. Where is the world’s oldest hotel?

The Hotel Ryokan in the village of Awazu, Japan dates back to AD 717, when an inn was built near a hot spring reported to have miraculous healing properties.

Q7. What real estate board game became the best-selling game in America just one year after it was created?

Charles B. Darrow invented Monopoly in 1934, to cheer himself up while unemployed during the Great Depression. Monopoly is now the most popular board game in the world and has sold over 200 million copies.

Q8. What Newport, Rhode Island mansion was built as a birthday present and incorporates 500,000 cubic feet of white marble?

The Vanderbilt Marble House was constructed by railroad baron William K. Vanderbilt for his wife Alva, who later divorced him, remarried and moved into a mansion down the street.

Q9. What home product makes lawn mowing easier than ever?

The Robomow, a robot lawn mower manufactured in the UK by Friendly Machines, can cut 6,000 square yards of lawn all by itself.

Q10. What famous $40+ million home has a 60-foot pool with underwater music and a 20-car garage?

The home of Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, features the latest futuristic computer technology.

Q11. What 70-room East Coast mansion was built as a summer home and is known as a “Gilded Age cottage”?

Cornelius Vanderbilt’s “Breakers” Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island, named for the waves crashing along the cliff that separates the property from the ocean.

Q12. What trendy and highly unusual hotel must be totally rebuilt every year?

Sweden’s popular Ice Hotel, which has 60 double rooms, 25 suites and an interior temperature of 20 degrees, starts melting to the ground in May and is rebuilt every winter.

Q13. What country of the world has the highest percentage of private housing?

Mongolia, where 100% of all properties are owner-occupied.

Q14. Where would you go to visit the largest ancient castle in the world?

You would travel to Prague, Czech Republic, to see the Prague Castle, built in the 9th century, with a total surface area of 18 acres.

Q15. What is the world’s most expensive Monopoly set?

San Francisco jeweler Sidney Mobell created an exclusive $2 million Monopoly set, with solid 23 carat gold houses, chimneys made of rubies and sapphires and dice with 42 full cut diamonds for spots.

Q16. What is the world’s most capacious building?

The Boeing Company’s main aircraft assembly plant in Everett, Washington, has been expanded to a capacity of 13.4 million cubic meters, or 473 million cubic feet.

Q17. What was a sure way to accumulate wealth through the 1970s and early 1980s?

Many people made their fortunes in real estate during this period.

Q18. Into what category do forty-four percent of home buying households fall?

Forty-four percent of home-buying households are made up of married couples with dependents.

Q19. What is currently the most sought-after amenity in the majority of upscale homes?

Technology that “enables” a home with features such as structured integrated wiring and broadband Internet access is the current amenity of choice.

Q20. What weighs 320 tons and is considered the largest single block building?

Pyramid of Mycerinus (Third Pyramid) at El Gizeh, Egypt is the largest single block building and the world’s oldest pyramid.